Health and well-being

We believe that our employees’ wellbeing is built on a safe and supportive working environment together with a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. We recognize that the wellbeing of our people directly affects employee engagement and our business success.


We work closely with our employees and external occupational health organizations to support the wellbeing of our people. Almost all our employees are represented by management-worker safety committees that meet regularly. The primary aim of these location-specific committees is to monitor and advise on occupational health and safety issues and programmes. We have yet to establish safety committees in our newest and smallest locations.

Our focus is not only on reducing health risks at the workplace, but also on preventive measures contributing to our people’s health and well-being. Many local health promotion campaigns and preventive actions are organized every year on our sites. Many of our units offer free access to the gym or organize other physical exercise with trained instructors. UPM also supports team sport activities and lends safety equipment for employees’ leisure activities. We provide vaccinations against seasonal flu in various locations. Much like safety, so too health and well-being at work are the outcome of continuous improvement, development, and engagement of our people.

To this end, we have several health and wellbeing initiatives ongoing at various UPM sites. Our aim is to support continuous improvement of employees’ health, quality of life and work ability. UPM analyses and manages potential hazards that might jeopardize a healthy working environment. We minimize health hazards through standardized practices such as risk assessment, use of personal protective equipment, chemical management, and occupational health workplace surveys. The majority of UPM’s employees work in areas with no or minimal risk of HIV/AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. Instructions and support are available for employees travelling to critical areas. 


Covid -19: Ensuring health and wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our daily lives during the past years. Safety is a core part of UPM’s organisational culture and management system. We have acted globally to stop the spread of the coronavirus and kept our employees safe and healthy. This work will naturally continue depending on the local situation, when needed, but the measures we have already taken have proved effective in keeping our employees and their families healthy during the pandemic.

We review periodically risk assessments both at corporate level and in our local units, including business contingency plans. In addition, all our units follow national and local instructions and recommendations issued by authorities.