Safety and well-being

Safety is a core part of UPM’s organizational culture and management systems at all our sites. We make it our top priority that every employee has the right to a safe and healthy working environment. Our guiding target is to make every day a safe workday. We believe that safety is the right of everyone working on UPM premises. Our safety standards and requirements are there to protect not only our own employees but also contractors and visitors as well.


We comply with international, national and local safety laws, rules and regulations. We do this by implementing and complying with both the UPM Safety Standards and local procedures. We define and communicate clear expectations and targets for safety at all levels of our organizations. Ensuring that we achieve our ambitious objectives, UPM’s occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems are based on the UPM Safety Standards, particularly the Roles and responsibilities standard, which clearly defines every line organization’s responsibilities.

UPM Safety Rules

Our OHS management systems embrace the principle of continuous improvement, which involves extensive internal and external audits and management reviews. The systems cover 100% of our units and all their employees, plus any contractors working on-site. Our OHS management systems are also third-party certified under ISO 45001:2018 standards at 83% of our production units. In 2021, certified systems were in place in 39 units with a total of 11 200 employees, which covers 67% of all UPM employees.

lost-time accident frequency incl. contractors
safety-related near miss and safety observations
safety walks and discussions

Safety at work

As we see it, safety goes beyond insisting that people obey rules and regulations. Our safety initiatives are about developing, learning, and capacity-building. This is why we engage and urge all our employees as well as our partners working on UPM premises not only to conform to our safety requirements but also to proactively develop best practices and improve our safety culture.

Safety culture

Safety is a visible part of our everyday routines. It is embedded in everything we do. Our people and how they work with equipment, processes and each other form the cornerstone of a safe work environment.

Health and well-being

We believe that our employees’ wellbeing is built on a safe and supportive working environment together with a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. We recognize that the wellbeing of our people directly affects employee engagement and our business success.