Reading & Learning

We focus on projects that enhance reading skills and learning opportunities in regions where we have an active presence. We also strive to increase awareness of the importance of literacy and continuous learning.


Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC)

UPM facilitates regional high level technical education in Fray Bentos by funding the Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC). The aim is to advance technical skills and engineering, particularly in mechatronics, renewable energy, transport and logistics.


Forest kinderkartens in Germany

In Germany there are almost 2,000 forest kindergartens, where most of the day is spent in the nature. Forest kindergartens are a part of a nationwide day care network and work closely with municipalities. The positive physical and emotion-based nature experiences gained in a forest kindergarten increase the children’s skills in many different ways. The children learn to receive and process information and to act in social situations. Creativity and perseverance are also developing positively.

The kindergartens’ activities are supported by the Association of Forest Kindergartens. The association provides expertise, legal assistance as well as training to municipalities that are planning to establish a forest kindergarten. UPM has made a donation to support the association’s activities. The picture is taken from a forest kindergarten in Buchenberg in Bavaria, Germany, opened in collaboration with the municipality and the state forest service. 



Yrityskylä is a Finnish educational innovation. This learning environment is a miniature town where primary school students spend a day as employees, citizens and consumers. We have been present in the Yrityskylä projects for over 10 years, and today we are present in Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Tampere. Our employees have also beed doing active employee volunteer work in Yrityskylä in Helsinki.


Yrityskylä learning environment


UPM and Yrityskylä teach kids the secrets of sustainable consumption


Taking sixth grade pupils to forests

We are inviting 6th grade pupils to visit us and learn about forest management around our production plants. The trips are organised in co-operation with the Finnish Forest Association and the 4H organisation in Jämsä, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Pietarsaari and Rauma.

The aim is to provide pupils with a positive forest experience and increase knowledge of how Finnish forests are used. During the excursions pupils will learn about the commercial and recreational use of forests, wildlife management and wood-based products. 

UPM Blandin foresters – connecting education with the forest

The UPM Blandin paper mill in Minnesota, US is a sponsor of Treezy Does It, an online resource for Minnesota K-12 teachers providing free, informative and interactive lessons about our forests, forest products and other topics of interest. The students have the opportunity to plant trees, enjoy field trips and learn about the lifecycle of the forest, identify trees, plants, animal habitats and leaves. With the support of UPM the students have also a special leaf identification booklet in use which helps guide them through the process.

UPM Blandin foresters also attend the Minnesota Educator Academy (MEA) conference held annually in St. Paul, Minnesota. Teachers from all over the state participate in workshops, and an education trade show where they discover tools for use in their classrooms. UPM Blandin is a member of Minnesota Forest Industries that has a booth at MEA to distribute posters, papermaking kits, leaf ID booklets, and displays on