Reading & Learning

We focus on projects that enhance reading skills and learning opportunities in regions where we have an acive presence. We also strive to increase awareness of the importance of literacy and continuous learning.


Save the Children 

We support secondary education opportunities for young people from low-income families through the "Eväitä Elämälle" programme by Save the Children organisation. We provide learning materials to enable financially disadvantaged young people to continue their studies.  Ths aid is channelled through local Save the Children associations.


Young Business Generations

Young Business Generations organisation offers digital business courses for high school students with the help of various business specialists. Students will learn the commercial way of thinking, entrepreneurship as well as the ability to operate in an international environment. They adopt key global business education capabilities and future working life skills. As a partner we provide expertise and materials for the contents of the courses and participates in the business event organised by the Young Business Generations.


The German Reading Foundation

We support the German Reading Foundation (Stiftung Lesen) in its efforts to support literacy among refugee children. The foundation donates reading and story boxes to refugee centres all around Germany.



Yrityskylä is a Finnish educational innovation. This learning environment is a miniature town where primary school students spend a day as employees, citizens and consumers. We have for years been present in the Yrityskylä projects in Helsinki and Lappeenranta. In July 2019 a pilot project Me & MyCity was also kicked off in Beijing, China, run by the local EE City. The concept in Beijing has been adapted to local society and the piloting students are 4th and 5th graders. At UPM students can explore paper making and 5G technology. In addition, they get familiar with environmental protection and circular processing concepts.  


Taking sixth grade pupils to forests

We are inviting 6th grade pupils to visit us and learn about forest management around our production plants. The trips are organised in co-operation with the Finnish Forest Association and the 4H organisation in Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Pietarsaari and Rauma.


UPM Blandin foresters – connecting education with the forest

The UPM Blandin paper mill in Minnesota, US is a sponsor of Treezy Does It, an online resource for Minnesota K-12 teachers providing free, informative and interactive lessons about our forests, forest products and other topics of interest. The students have the opportunity to plant trees, enjoy field trips and learn about the lifecycle of the forest, identify trees and plants and learn about animal habitats.


Projects in China 

Little Scientist Labs and Green Bookshelf projects in China

We promote rural education in China in co-operation with Beijing Green and Shine Foundation. The Little Scientist Lab aims to foster science skills among primary school pupils reciding in remote areas with limited access to resources and lessons on science and nature. As part of the “Green Bookshelf Project” we donate books to schools in Jiangsu Province to promote education and reading, and in particular the environmental awareness of the middle and primary school students.

Green Future

The Green Future program is a Chinese education partnership between UPM, the Changshu Environmental Bureau and Changshu Education Bureau. It aims to provide environmental education to young students, evoke a sense of shared responsibility and instil habits that support sustainability, environmental protection and helps students develop a sustainable and environmental protection oriented mindset.