​​​​​​Engaging with communities

Our local sponsorship focuses on communities in which we have an active presence. Our activities are primarily aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of the surrounding community. 


Collaboration with National Emergency Supply Agency of Finland                                         

In May 2020 UPM signed a co-operation agreement with the National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) of Finland for exploring opportunities to source a significant number of protective masks from China. This project helps ensuring sufficient availability of protective masks against the corona virus in Finland. UPM’s sourcing organisation will find the suitable suppliers of protective equipment and negotiate the terms of purchase and delivery. The Finnish technology centre VTT will test all sample masks. The masks meet the strict requirements set to surgical masks covering the nose and the mouth.

UPM’s involvement is on a basis of common good. The company has made its sourcing personnel available to NESA pro bono i.e. free of charge.


Restoration of rivers in Poland

UPM Raflatac cooperates with WWF Poland in the 'Rivers for Life' project. The project embraces efforts directed towards the conservation and restoration of natural river ecosystems in Poland. Our co-operation started in 2012.


Uruguay Foundation

The Uruguayan UPM Foundation supports and encourages training, entrepreneurship, employment, healthy living and entertainment in local communities in rural Uruguay.  Our specific focus is on improving education (particularly the technical education) on local communities. Our projects include a teacher training programme in Fray Bentos, basic professional training in mechatronics in Fray Bentos, professional training for drivers and support of organic food production in the Arevalo community.


Co-operation with local nature conservation organisations

We co-operate with local expert networks in Finland. We have, for example a collaboration agreement with the North Karelian Ornithological Society to build an artificial nest network for raptors.

The cooperation  with the Osprey Foundation has continued for 20 years. Since we started, osprey was almost extinct from Finland. As a result of the active conservation work, today it is assessed as least concern. UPM is funded, for example, the construction of artificial nests and nest camera technology. One of the most important milestones in the collaboration is the database of osprey nesting sites.


Supporting local communities

The various projects we support include the SOS Kinderdorf (Children’s Villages) in Augsburg, Germany, the Icehearts children’s organisation in Tampere, Finland, as well as numerous local sports clubs such as Valkeakosken Haka, Pietarsaaren Jaro and Rauman Lukko in Finland. In Uruguay, we collaborate with WWF in the New Generation Plantations Project to promote new plantation practices.


Solar Light Challenge by WWF

In September 2020 our Singapore office joined the WWF Singapore’s Solar Light Challenge by donating 75 solar lights to families in Cambodia. The lights were assembled by the team in our Singapore office. In Cambodia, 30% of households have no access to electricity grid and more than 40% of children quit school before secondary grade. With the support of these solar lights, students can study daily approximately two hours longer, and the lights also reduce use of fossil-based energy.


MountainTrue’s Volunteer Water Information Network

UPM Raflatac sponsors MountainTrue’s Volunteer Water Information Network (VWIN) in the US. MountainTrue is a non-profit environmental advocacy organization that champions resilient forests, clean waters and healthy communities in Western North Carolina. MountainTrue envisions thriving communities in our mountain region that are connected to and help sustain both each other and our natural environment. To achieve this, MountainTrue fosters and empowers residents throughout the region to engage in community planning, policy and project advocacy, and on-the-ground projects.