Beyond fossils initiatives

We seize the limitless potential of bioeconomy and promote innovations and expertise that can support us in taking the world beyond fossils.


Professorship in chemistry of circular economy at the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki has established a new professorship in chemistry, that focuses on circular economy and new innovations. We together with Neste and Borealis Polymers are supporting substantially this professorship. The field of the professor of chemistry of circular economy will encompass chemical recycling and the utilisation of by-product streams. The new position enables the University to strengthen its expertise in the natural sciences and experimental research in the field of circular economy with a long-term and multidisciplinary approach.


Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation

UPM promotes new innovations in disease research by supporting the Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation. The support is targeted especially at cancer research based on application of cell models. These models help to investigate pathogenetic mechanisms of diseases and how cancer medications work. With new cell models, it will be possible to develop even more effective treatments and cures for serious diseases in the future. 


Support for individual cancer research

We support the Cancer Foundation Finland, which in 2021 granted more than 7 million euros for cancer research. An increasing number of funded research teams are working to develop methods to target the most effective and safest possible treatment for each individual tumor. Similarly, the share of research utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning has increased.


UPM x Finnish Scouts 

We are creating a debate on climate change, responsible consumption and forests. 

The aim of the co-operation between UPM and the Finnish Scouts is to increase understanding and dialogue between young people and various actors on climate change and responsibility. The cooperation will be implemented extensively in 2020-2022.


Collaboration with Aalto Design Factory to promote sustainable design

We partner with Aalto Design Factory to study sustainable design. Aalto Design Factory investigates the extent that sustainability guides designers’ choices and explore new perspectives and ways of addressing sustainability throughout the life cycle of products and services. The cooperation will provide new, internationally reviewed and published information about sustainability and the steering role it plays in design work, as well as what kinds of sustainability should be considered during the design phase. Design Factory is a global operator, and this study too will be conducted with international stakeholder groups in mind. The results will be made public to ensure that the project is useful to a wide range of operators.

UPM launches collaboration with Aalto University


University co-operation

We co-operate with several international universities in the field of engineering technologies. Our aim is to support research related to our businesses and innovative use of our materials as well as to new opportunities to commercialize our technologies.

Our co-operation covers project-based joint projects all the way to the long-term strategic partnerships. We also offer master of thesis opportunities to university students whom we consider to be future employees of UPM.