Biofore Share and Care

Our Biofore Share and Care programme reflects our commitment to building a sustainable, innovation-driven future by sharing our expertise and assets for causes we care about.


Engaging with society through sponsorships donations and employee volunteering

Being a responsibility leader in our industry, we are involved in many causes and community projects supporting sustainable development and the prosperity and welfare of the communities in which we are active. Our work on this arena is clearly connected to our Biofore Strategy and responsibility targets. It is coordinated under the umbrella of  our Biofore Share and Care programme.

The Biofore Share and Care programme comprises three forms of support: sponsorships, donations and employee volunteering. The support can be a monetary contribution, products, materials or employee volunteering.

This is how we define our support

Corporate and local sponsorships refer to long-term involvement in and partnership with community non-profit groups who generally would not be able to fund activities without outside financial assistance. Our activities are aimed primarily at relevant stakeholder groups in the surrounding communities.

Donations refer to one-off or occasional non-profit support given for charitable purposes or other good causes. All our donations are approved by our CEO Jussi Pesonen, as authorised by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Employee volunteering is a new form of support offering our employees theopportunity to do volunteering work during their working hours. UPMers can use up to 8 hours (one day’s work) per year for volunteering.

Biofore Share and Care - Focus areas

Our focus is on activities and programmes that are relevant to our business, support innovation and sustainability, or promote local vitality and wellbeing.  They are also clearly linked to a number of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) that we actively promote.

Reading and learning (SDG 4)
We focus on projects that enhance reading skills and learning opportunities in the`regions we are active.

Engaging with communities (SDG 17)
We prioritise activities that support the vitality and wellbeing of communities in which we are active.

Responsible water use (SDG 6)
We promote projects that improve the status of water resources and increase awareness of good water management. 

Boosting bioinnovations (SDG 9 & 12)
We support bioeconomy-related innovation and expertise to help find new sustainable business opportunities in renewable and recyclable materials.



Covid-19 support for local communities


Rules for sponsorships, donations and employee volunteering

UPM Rules for sponsorships, donations and employee volunteering provide a governance framework for the Biofore Share and Care Programme. See the Rules for more details.

How to apply?

You can send in your application via the link below. To facilitate efficient handling of your application, we have provided a set of detailed questions for you to answer, including e.g. your own views on the benefits UPM is likely to derive from sponsoring your cause.



Reforesting the Jaguari River Basin in Brazil