Biodiversity forms the foundation for sustainable forestry

We want to improve biodiversity in UPM’s own forests

Forests full of life

Our business is based on forests: we grow and harvest forests to create renewable, sustainable materials and products. Innovations that offer alternatives to fossil materials is the core of the UPM Biofore strategy.


Wood is a renewable, recyclable and climate-friendly material with limitless opportunities. Global megatrends are raising a demand for sustainable products, beyond fossils.

As a leader in the forest industry, we are the first forest company in the world committed to improve the level of biodiversity in our own forests.

We are committed to limit the global warming to 1.5°C by taking decisive actions in our own operations. Climate-positive forestry is one key area in our commitment.


Forests are dear to many

Forests are a home to wildlife, they protect water systems. They are a source of wellbeing and recreation. Forests also provide renewable material for various products, from everyday necessities to ground-breaking innovations, and alternatives to fossil materials. And that’s why they are more important than ever.


This is what hope looks like – UPM’s forest commitment


We answer these questions very often




​Forests at the heart of sustainability

Forest-based industries have a significant role in promoting sustainable development. Well-managed forests play an essential role in natural carbon and water cycles, biodiversity  and wellbeing of local communities. 

We are both a major forest owner and a purchaser of wood. Our land use and forestry planning is based on the comprehensive evaluation and preservation of ecosystem services. With sustainable forest management we are able to safeguard and increase multiple benefits that forests provide.


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