Forests full of life

Wood is our most important raw material. We are committed to sustainable forestry and monitor the origin of wood to ensure legal and sustainable sources. In addition to wood, there's much more in forests.


Wood is a renewable, recyclable and climate-friendly material with limitless opportunities. Global megatrends are raising a demand for sustainable products, beyond fossils.

Biodiversity is the foundation for continuation of life. It is also basis for all bioeconomy. Success of forest-based bioeconomy lies in keeping forests full of life.

Sustainable forestry and responsible wood-based products have a positive impact on the climate. Growing trees capture carbon from atmosphere and wood products act as carbon storages.


​Forests at the heart of sustainability

Forest-based industries have a significant role in promoting sustainable development. Well-managed forests play an essential role in natural carbon and water cycles, biodiversity  and wellbeing of local communities. 

We are both a major forest owner and a purchaser of wood. Our land use and forestry planning is based on the comprehensive evaluation and preservation of ecosystem services. With sustainable forest management we are able to safeguard and increase multiple benefits that forests provide.


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UPM gains valuable sustainability recognitions by Corporate Knights and CDP


A better forest for all


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