Facilitating access and awareness in relation to water

As part of our commitment to responsible water use, we want to highlight the importance of the water resources and good water management all over the world. It’s a value we want to share with our employees, collaboration partners, and the societies with whom we operate. We are also firmly committed to ensuring that all of our operated facilities provide access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Ensuring access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene

In December 2014 we signed the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s WASH Pledge for Access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Our commitment to WASH starts with ensuring that people have safe water, sanitation and hygiene in all premises under our direct control.

Having completed an initial benchmark to assess compliance with required water supply and facilities standards, we have now implemented a programme to undertake the needed improvements. Today, we are globally compliant with the WASH Pledge. 

Building awareness on water stewardship at the community level

Above transparent reporting and communications towards local stakeholder groups, supporting the vitality of communities is not only important to us - it’s essential for our long-term business success. Our societal engagement activities are clearly connected to our Biofore strategy and responsibility targets.

UPM’s Biofore Share and Care programme reflects our commitment to building a sustainable, innovation-driven future by sharing our expertise and assets with causes we care about.

We also focus on specific projects that can help increase awareness of the importance of good water management in local communities.