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Blog | 10/21/2019 05:16:25

Let’s talk about responsibility - Voice your opinion on what matters to you!

Pirkko Harrela

Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations of UPM

What are the building blocks of a responsible company? What priorities should the company focus on and what kind of values and culture should it ideally represent? Share your thoughts by participating in our stakeholder survey!

“Stakeholder dialogue starts with trust”

This is a quote from our Code of Conduct. The quote, along with our framework for managing stakeholder relations, sets us many requirements to meet, but also presents a great opportunity to grow our societal value alongside customers, personnel and a wide variety of other stakeholders.  

Well-functioning cooperation with stakeholders is a prerequisite for success. We regularly meet with investors, customers, decision makers, the media, suppliers, NGOs and students. All have their own views and expectations, and we strive to listen to them and discuss them openly. However, we want to not only take on the role of listener, but also promote our own targets through active dialogue, and, subsequently, responsibly grow our value.

We are a significant player in and visible part of the local communities where we operate. Our mills are situated close to people and, in most cases, are also near large bodies of water. Our main raw material grows in forests. Environmental topics like climate change -and the role of both forests and our production concern many stakeholders. Respecting and protecting human rights and people’s well-being are of great importance to many stakeholders. Our financial stability also has a direct link to the economy and well-being of many communities and families.  All of this relates to responsibility and compliance.

Changing desires and needs

I firmly believe that the foundation of our work with stakeholders is in place. We discuss with our stakeholders and know their most important expectations and desires. This knowledge helps us to create an agenda and a viable action plan to promote responsible practices. We monitor the results systematically and report on them openly and regularly.

The ever-changing operating environment and new channels are challenging us to participate in even more active dialogue and to provide rapid responses. We want to be involved in the debate, but how do we structure it so that many people feel heard and the focus of the discussion does not diverge in too many directions? In this area we still have a lot to learn. What we need to do is to pinpoint our most vital priorities.

Our annual stakeholder survey offers a good opportunity to contribute to the debate. By participating, you can voice your opinion on the key priorities we should focus on today and in the future. I hope you’ll find five minutes to have your say on this important topic.

Thank you for your contribution to our future agenda. You will hear more about the results early next year.


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Pirkko Harrela

Pirkko Harrela

Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations of UPM |