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Story | 03/28/2019 09:20:39

A 360-view on developing the financial operations of an international listed company

There are companies where financial management tasks follow each other in a predictable manner, according to the time of year, year in, year out. At the beginning of the day, you will know what you have accomplished by 5 o'clock and you can trust your skills to surely be enough to accomplish these tasks. The good sides of the work are smoothness, predictability and a strong sense of being able to do your job well.

And then there is UPM’s finance function with one of its main locations in Tampere: 200 finance experts in the historical customs area.  Most of the basic, transactional accounting tasks have been outsourced, and experts focus on analysing deeper meanings behind figures and designing efficient, lean processes. It has happened that by the afternoon an employee might lead a development project they thought they would just participate in! The project is likely to be about innovating a completely new approach to a financial task. After two months, however, the project has been successfully completed.

The good sides of the job? Continuous development of expertise. Steady support from colleagues and teammates in every challenge and turn. Opportunity to focus and specialise on the very thing that originally pulled you to the industry. An opportunity to experience genuine enthusiasm and see the traces of your hands in the day to day economy of an international listed company. And last but not least, continuously learning from motivated and skilled top-class colleagues.

Big claims? Maybe we should ask these colleagues for backup!

Eetu Orsjoki started at UPM Finance in September 2018. ”Here you have to be very careful when telling others what you are interested in! It will not take many days for a project to appear on your desk under that heading.” Eetu’s topics of interest include accounting and forecasting of foreign currency flows. "And I really, truly, get to focus on those," he laughs.


Eetu Orsjoki started at UPM Finance in September 2018. Eetu remembers that he was warmly welcomed and acquired new friends with every coffee break.


Charlotte Kilpinen has been at UPM since 2013. Charlotte’s work includes a lot of travel as she has transferred financial tasks from a number of UPM mills around the world to UPM Finance in Tampere. Before you can transfer tasks, they need to be harmonised. "I love travelling. Not everyone needs to do it, but for me it is definitely a part of my job I enjoy. However, the best part of this work is that it is never boring. I am constantly learning new things. There are experts of various backgrounds involved in the projects, and all ideas are always welcomed,” she says.


Charlotte Kilpinen has been working in UPM Finance for over five years and is known as a person who is always ready to help others.


Requests to report or analyse figures can in practice come from anywhere within UPM. Some things have a clear and tight deadline and some tasks can be stretched. Prioritising and good self-management skills are vital.

“We have a so-called 360 view in UPM Finance. Although we are responsible for certain areas and issues, it is important that we also have a broader perspective on how our own actions affect others',” Orsjoki points out.

A lot is required from employees in a rapidly developing expert organization. At the same time, it is recognized that employees need extensive support to reach their best results. At UPM, this is achieved, for example, through internal learning projects that share experience and expertise among colleagues.

Charlotte, for instance, is known among her colleagues as a person who is good at sharing her expertise and always ready to help others.

“We strive to make the widest possible use of the expertise each of us gathers along the way,” she says.


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Text: Saara Töyssy