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Story | 10/25/2017 12:00:00

UPM ranks high in Finland as an Attractive Employer

UPM is a forward-going and modern company who looks well after its employees, according to the results of Universum’s Most Attractive Employers 2017 research. Based on responses by 6 054 highly educated professionals in Finland, UPM was the best improver in the employer ranking among commercial businesses.

UPM ranked 19th in the most attractive commercial employers’ listing, which is a significant improvement from last year’s 43. place. “UPM is seen as genuine and fair employer looking forward. People believe in the company strategy; professionals are well aware of what UPM is doing, its revenue, and even what direction the company is going,“ Jonna Sjövall, Universum’s Forest Industry Manager, comments.

Among top three in technical employers

In the field of technical and natural sciences, UPM rose in top three. Ranking third from last year’s seventh place shows that capability for renewal and systematic efforts to increase and improve brand awareness have brought results and enhance UPM’s employer image. As a publicly listed company, UPM’s image is modern, forward-going and it takes good care of its employees, Sjövall says. “This is what differentiates UPM positively from its competitors in forest industry as well as other companies in general.”

“We are extremely satisfied about these great rankings. It is rewarding to see how UPM’s renewing with courage and innovativeness are forwarded so widely to professionals in various fields,” Riitta Savonlahti, EVP, UPM HR, rejoices.

In commercial professionals, UPM was the highest riser in the whole research. “This shows that UPM’s story interests widely,” Sjövall interprets the results. UPM’s attractiveness has increased in both technical and commercial fields especially among women.

In both technical and commercial lists Kone was ranked the Most Attractive Employer. The second place in technical employers’ list went to Ramboll. Check the complete ranking from here.

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