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Story | 10/04/2017 12:22:00

Biofore Concept Car returns to fairs around the world

The Biofore Concept Car has attracted plenty of interest, and during the autumn and winter, it can be spotted in major events in Europe and Asia. What is the concept about?

UPM’s Biofore Concept Car is like the whole innovative forest industry packed into just one product on wheels. It is a resource effective car demonstrating totally new type of thinking, driving a sustainable change and replacing oil-based materials with advanced, renewable biomaterials.

In the Biofore Concept Car, the majority of parts traditionally made from plastics are replaced with high quality, safe and durable biomaterials. UPM Formi™ biocomposites and UPM Grada™ thermoformable plywood material can significantly improve the overall environmental performance of car manufacturing. The vehicle runs on UPM’s wood-based renewable diesel, UPM BioVerno, and UPM Raflatac’s sustainable self-adhesive labels have been used in the car’s interior design and spare parts.

The Biofore Concept Car weighs about 150 kilos less than its equivalents. Students from the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences designed and manufactured the car that was first seen by the public in 2014.

Next stops: London and Tokyo

In October, the concept car will swerve to London for two different events. It will be on display at FIPP World Congress (9–11 October), the largest and most high profile media event in the world, and Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks (17–19 October), the number one networking event for the biodiesel and ethanol supply chain.

After London, the next pit stop for the Biofore Concept Car will be the EcoPro International Exhibition on Environment and Energy in Tokyo, Japan in December. The car will return to Augsburg, Germany next February for a seminar organized by UPM Biochemicals.

Concept Car Tour

Are you interested in the car or its materials? Would you like to know more? Please contact us: info@upm.com.

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Saara Pakarinen