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Story | 12/30/2016 12:07:00

UPM is participating in Finland’s big year 2017 events

As one of the biggest companies in Finland, UPM takes part in the centenary of independence events. UPM is one of the nearly 40 business partners of the national “Finland 100 Years” project. The year emphasises Finland’s strengths by offering Finns and friends of Finland diverse and international centenary programme in Finland and abroad.

New Year’s Eve marks the commencement of Finland’s 100 years of independence celebrations. The main event of the “Finland 100” grand opening is in Helsinki at the Töölönlahti Bay and Kansalaistori Square. Celebrations will reach its climax at midnight with fireworks. UPM’s Biofore House participates the celebrations with lightings on the facade facing the square.

UPM participates in two national projects

UPM’s most substantial investment is related to “Sanat haltuun” (Words matter) project, supported by UPM and organised by the Finnish Reading Centre. The Centre will organise 100 functional literacy workshops to students of technical vocational schools all around Finland. The project of one year and a half has begun in September and it will continue until the end of 2017.

The target of the project is to inspire students of technical vocational schools to read and improve their reading skills. The aim is also to stimulate discussion and raise awareness on the reading skills of young students in vocational schools. The Finnish forest sector has one common project called ”Bioaika” (Bio Era). It is a truck with a science exhibition on wheels. With focus on young Finns, the truck will tour all around Finland visiting towns with high schools.

The exhibition will showcase the possibilities of bioeconomy and innovations. Doing yourself will be the key feature in the exhibition. The tour will stop in all high-school-locations in Finland. In addition to events targeted to high school students, some other events are being planned in connection with the pit stops near our mills and factories.

The truck will be ready to tour next summer. After a number of summer events the actual tour will get started in August from the north and ends in Helsinki in December 2017. During the summer you can spot the truck in many festivals, like the Farmer festival in Seinäjoki and SuomiAreena in Pori in July.

UPM Biofuels combine forces with the Association for Finnish Work

UPM Biofuels as business and UPM BioVerno as product participates in a “Made by Finland” campaign together with the Association for Finnish Work and the Key Flag symbol.

The campaign will make Finnish work visible and aims to highlight its importance and respect. The campaign also wants to activate discussion on what are the success factors of the Finnish work. It points out that the work creates wellbeing and keep us on the world map for the next hundred years.

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