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UPM has signed the Diversity Charter Finland

Diversity at the workplace improves wellbeing at work, business success and a company’s ability to make good decisions. UPM has signed the Finnish Diversity Charter in September 2016. A diversity charter states the ways in which a company will promote equal opportunities at the workplace for all employees regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, disability or other similar factor.

The Diversity Charter Finland is part of a platform of diversity networks established by the European Commission in 2010. The project encourages companies in countries belonging to the EU to promote diversity at the workplace through a national network and charter. At the end of 2016 14 countries had formed their own network and charter and thousands of companies have become signatories.

The Diversity Charter Finland was created in 2012 by corporate responsibility network FIBS and is now signed by 100 Finnish companies.

The four principles of Diversity Charter Finland are:

1. We offer equal opportunities

2. We recognize and utilize individual know-how and needs

3. We manage our staff and customers with fairness

4. We communicate our goals and achievements

Diversity benefits business

Promoting diversity and inclusiveness at the workplace is not only the right thing to do, it is also vitally important from the point of view of business success. A diverse company can adapt successfully to changes in their environment and find new business opportunities even in challenging situations. Diversity in leadership positions and management has been proven to lead to better decision making and a more creative approach. An inclusive workplace also attracts the best people with the brightest ideas, not depending on sex, age or other factors. In addition, inclusion promotes well-being at work.

"At UPM we want to lead through our values. We work continuously to improve the diversity and inclusiveness of our work environment, starting from the composition of different management teams. We want to employ people who have different competences, backgrounds and experiences. Gender, age and nationality do not matter. We have long-term targets related to diversity and inclusion and the results are being followed," says EVP, HR, Riitta Savonlahti.

Photo Helena Kekki: The charter was received by HR Director Kaisa Ventelä-Nilsson, on the right.

More about the Diversity Charter Finland here

UPM took part in the Dialogue diversity programme in 2015


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