Story | 12/10/2016 08:50:00

A power team

Heikki Hamunen

For a forest customer representative, who is the link between forest owners and UPM, other UPM professionals, such as forest specialists, are just a phone call away.

Forest customer representative Tero Koivisto has two trusted allies – his mobile phone and UPM’s forest specialist Marko Hannonen.

With his phone, be it via a call, SMS or WhatsApp message, Koivisto keeps in touch with the forest owners. Hannonen is also easy to reach.

“I couldn’t do my work without this brother in arms. I’m sure Marko could cope without me, but he is essential to my work,” says Koivisto. Hannonen prepares forest owners’ forests for FSC® certification (UPM’s group certification is FSC C 109750) and prepares forest management plans and stands to be presented to forest owners by Koivisto. He then conveys the information to customers. In this way, these two men handle UPM’s services in the Tohmajärvi region in Eastern Finland.

Hannonen plans forest operations and stands for UPM’s own forests as well. His area of responsibility includes 11,000 hectares of UPM’s forests. Koivisto also benefits from this great number of hectares.

“When performing forestry work in our own forests, we can sell services for private forests in the neighbourhood. We can use the same storage facility and provide aerial fertilising also for other forests in the area,” says Koivisto.

He believes that UPM’s forests function as a showcase for the neighbours.

“Many have seen successful operations in UPM’s forests. They trust that the same productivity can also be achieved in their own forests.”

Golden rules for a forest customer representative

1. Each customer is an individual

Try to imagine the situation from the forest owner’s point of view. Different forest owners are interested in different solutions. Be sure to explain options that might suit the forest owner in question, even though the options might still be new to them.

2. Knowledge is everything

Only up-to-date facts ensure that you can offer the best possible solutions for managing forest properties. Favour forest plans!

3. Only make promises you can keep

Trust forms a basis for co-operation. Building trust can take years, but it can be lost in seconds.