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  • Campers innovate new products from UPM materials at the Roihu 2016 jamboree
Story | 07/12/2016 10:05:00

Campers innovate new products from UPM materials at the Roihu 2016 jamboree

The Roihu 2016 Finnjamboree is the largest youth event in Finland. Roihu collects together over 17,000 campers in the forests of Evo, near the town of Hämeenlinna, on July 20-28. About 3,000 of the participants arrive from abroad. The cooperation between UPM and The Guides and Scouts of Finland, which began last year, takes many forms at Roihu. The Roihu cooperation is part of a larger collaboration between UPM and the Guides and Scouts of Finland. The common objectives include improving young people's relationship with the forest and encouraging them to see the forest as a versatile source of well-being.


Roihu 2016 Finnjamboree is a major effort for the organizers and an unforgettable experience for all the participants. About a thousand volunteers have been preparing the event, and during the event there are over 3,000 volunteers at work, including many UPM employees.

UPM provides the jamboree with construction materials and fuel for transportation. The structures use UPM timber, plywood, and biocomposites, and the campers also receive paper for printing and drawing. UPM supplies the jamboree’s freight logistics with wood-based, renewable BioVerno diesel fuel, and a UPM BioVerno testbus for the visiting day transportation.

The Roihu camp has different activity valleys. In the forest activity valley, the campers establish a forest industry company of their own and develop wood material innovations based on UPM products.


UPM BioVerno renewable diesel was donated to the event for transportation.

In the game!

The recently released MobiMetsä game, developed in collaboration by UPM and The Guides and Scouts of Finland, will be played in the forest activity valley at Roihu. In the MobiMetsä game the players establish their own forest industry companies and choose a product for them. During the game the player develops the product and learns about responsible forest management.

The game takes the player outdoors as well, as the player has to identify real trees and photograph them in order to progress in the game. The players get to explore how to use wood raw material responsibly and to run a company.

"We wish to encourage young people to discover versatile and responsible ways to use the forests. It is also great that the game takes the player outdoors,” says Paula Savonen, UPM's Manager, Marketing & Customer Support, Wood Sourcing and Forestry.

UPM wishes everyone an enjoyable scouting experience!


The MobiMetsä mobile game is available in English too.[/caption]   The co-operation of UPM and the Guides and Scouts of Finland is a part of UPM's "Biofore Share and Care" programme. The programme focuses on projects that are relevant to both UPM's business and responsibility goals. The focus areas are: Reading & Learning, Engaging with communities, Responsible water use and Boosting bioinnovations.

Download the exciting and fun MobiMetsä game for free from Apple Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store » The languages available are Finnish, Swedish and English.

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Main picture: Johanna Skarp