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Story | 03/22/2016 05:00:00

UN World Water Day – Sustainable water management developing on multiple fronts at UPM

Today we celebrate the UN World Water Day. The day, celebrated since 1992, reminds us of the significance of water in creating social and economic wellbeing. At the same time it reminds us that water is the foundation for a thriving natural ecosystem and the wellbeing of human societies.

UPM constantly monitors and appraises the use of water in all of its actions all around the world, from both the viewpoint of social wellbeing and environmental sustainability. UPM’s new sustainability goals set for the year 2030, guided by United Nations’ sustainable development goals, include three specific goals related to water: the volume of wastewater will be reduced by 30 percent, the effluent load (COD) reduced by 40 percent and all the nutrients used at effluent treatment will be from recycled resources by 2030. (More about the 2030 goals in our Annual Report.)

The goal mentioned last on the list is also a new commitment UPM has made for the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG). The foundation works hard to return the Baltic Sea, located to the south and west of Finland, to a healthy state by collaborating with companies. At this point, the fragile Baltic Sea ecosystem is seriously threatened and the sea is said to be one of the most polluted seas in the world.

Most of the nutrients UPM now uses in effluent treatment are industrially produced. The goal is, that by 2030 UPM only uses recycled nutrients, sourced locally where possible. At first UPM will appraise the current situation after which new ways of acting and new collaboration partners will be researched. The pilot will be put in action in Finland. The new operation model will then be put to action globally. UPM has previously made two commitments to BSAG and carried them out successfully.

As the frontrunner of circular economy UPM is always looking for ways to act more responsibly towards the environment. Behind every action taken there are employees who commit their intellect and passion to finding the most sustainable solutions.

Is there something you could do to make an impact on the global wellbeing of our water ecosystem? Go to UN World Water Day and get informed.

Use #WorldWaterDay to participate on Twitter.


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