Story | 02/24/2016 10:29:00

UPM Grada cuts manufacturing time in half

Finnish furniture manufacturer Isku began using UPM Grada wood material and managed to cut the manufacturing time of form-pressed components in half compared to the traditional manufacturing method.


In order to be able to benefit from Grada technology, a new automated manufacturing line was constructed at the Isku factory in Lahti, Finland. The new line was taken into commercial use in September 2015. The line is used to manufacture components for chairs, tables and school furniture, for example.

Essential time savings have been achieved by using industrial robots and other automated systems to carry out work that previously required a lot of manual labour. According to CEO Arto Tiitinen from Isku, the use of UPM Grada, a material developed and patented by UPM, will strengthen the furniture company's position in the international furniture market.

“In order to succeed in hard competition, top-class design is a must as well as taking a front runner position in applying new materials and techniques,” Tiitinen says. The unique properties of UPM Grada provide designers with entirely new opportunities for creating modern furniture. Designers appreciate the slenderness, durability and uniform quality of the easily mouldable material.

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Matti Remes