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Article | 02/03/2016 07:56:00

The paper industry is developing with the input of young innovators

Remember Niko? Our thesis worker and Bioforce trainee from last summer? He’s finished his thesis and ready for new challenges.


Niko Mörö sees the paper industry facing interesting challenges in the near future and is happy to be a part of molding its future.

“I would question the notion of paper industry only representing the past. The industries that are now on the rise face the challenges of making the production processes mature and efficient. The paper industry has already completed this process. Now the research and development is focused on how to make it resource efficient at every stage and maintain the industry’s viability. Resource efficiency will be every industry’s challenge in the future and the forest industry is leading this development, in part due to circumstances. The good ideas and methods can answer the needs of other industries as well, “says Niko.

Niko’s new job includes work in plant design and production optimisation.

“I was offered two different jobs and accepted this one because it enables me to gain excellent experience in the field of my studies. I’m looking forward to joining the team. It was a tough decision to be sure and I’m certain it wasn’t the last one either.”

The new measuring system lowers the risk for printing press damages

As a result of Niko Mörö’s traineeship at UPM Nordland mill and thesis work on the same project the mill now has a new measuring system in daily use. Results on the probability of damage to the printing press caused by a batch of paper can now be predicted and controlled in production. The feedback on the paper’s quality on this indicator is now gathered instantly instead of the paper being delivered to the customer and being returned two to three weeks later as a reclamation after causing damage to the customer’s equipment.

“If the measurement shows a significant risk for damage the paper’s recipe and manufacturing process can be modified immediately”, explains Niko.

UPM’s customers benefit by the improvements in the quality of paper and reliability of delivery. For UPM this means efficiency as the number of reclamations come down and less product goes to waste. The overall expenses of production come down and the atmosphere at work improves as less reclamations come in. The measuring system will possibly be developed further to work together with paper machines producing different qualities of paper.

For those wondering about their career choices Niko wants to bring up the paper industry as an interesting industry with plenty of opportunities. The Bioforce Traineeship led Niko to his current position at UPM, and he couldn’t be happier.

“The experience from the UPM Bioforce Trainee Program is priceless and I see it as a very good investment for the future. The most important thing is to keep challenging yourself, it’s the only way to develop”, adds Niko.

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