Story | 02/12/2016 08:48:00

Love in the mail on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th in many countries. The tradition has presumably developed from the ancient, possibly pre-Roman, Lupercalia festival celebrated February 13th through 15th. The festival celebrated women, fertility, marriage and health. New Christian traditions pushed some of the traditions to St. Valentine’s Day - celebrated February 14th. The traditions and customs related to romantic love have been a part of Valentine’s Day in France and England since the 14th century.


The history of Valentine’s Day cards dates back to the 15th century. The tradition spread from Great-Britain to Europe and the United States in the 19th century as greeting cards could be manufactured mechanically.

Traditional greeting cards have become less usual in our more and more digital world – and delight their recipients even more because of this. A greeting card is a very personal message that conveys feeling and gives real joy. The recipient can hold the card in their hand and feel the warmth of the paper against their skin. On Valentine’s Day the gesture is even more meaningful as cards are sent to those friends and relatives we love the most in this world.

A good greeting card day is a good day for the paper industry too. UPM Fine and UPM Finesse are examples of paper products that are much used in greeting cards. A selection of UPM papers is used in envelopes too. UPM LabelCoat is a paper you can find on postal stamps and UPM Raflatac produces the self-adhesives behind the stamps. You can actually have a greeting card made completely out of UPM materials. Have a Valentine’s Day full of love!


Saara Töyssy