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  • The Dow Jones listing is the result of a unified effort by the whole UPM staff
Story | 01/13/2016 11:07:00

The Dow Jones listing is the result of a unified effort by the whole UPM staff

In September 2015, UPM was listed as industry leader in the Dow Jones European and Global sustainability indices for 2015 and 2016. This is the fourth consecutive year that UPM has been listed.

The Dow Jones questionnaire is sent to the top ten percent of listed companies in each industry, according to total stock value. The sustainability indices are intended to find the most sustainable companies in each industry. Each company is evaluated in the categories of environmental, social and economic responsibility. The evaluation criteria change every year. Tax planning and stakeholder relations have become increasingly important to the evaluation because environmental matters are already well covered by the leading companies.

In 2015, the questionnaire was sent to 3500 companies in total. 162 European companies were listed. The questionnaire is sent out in April and answers are expected in May. The evaluation is based on information that is available to anyone.

Approximately 25 UPM employees took part in answering the questionnaire. One of the most important sources of information is the annual report. The reality behind the numbers is an accomplishment of the whole UPM staff. The reported data is the sum of countless small deeds in everyday working life — walking on the right side of the yellow line, careful recycling at the mill or office, active communication and good relationships with colleagues. DJSI_Member_Logo_2015

UPM is the industry leader in the environmental and social categories. The environmental category evaluates, for example, the responsible sourcing of fibre and pulp and sustainable forest management. The social responsibility category includes the evaluation of the companies’ actions in recruitment and safety at the workplace. In terms of economic evaluation, UPM is the industry leader in four of the seven categories with high marks in eco system services and supply chain management.

Being listed in the indices is a good sign of the company’s capability to predict changes in the industry and adapt to them. Investors value the indices from the viewpoints of both risk management and responsible investing. The responsible behaviour of companies means a lot to an average of ten percent of investors. Out of UPM investors, almost a quarter rank sustainability very high when making investment decisions.


Saara Töyssy