Story | 01/05/2016 08:42:00

Responsibility and independence at a saw mill

Straight to work when school finishes and straight back to school after the work is done. Eetu Mastosalo spent all of last year hard at work. Fortunately the evening and night shifts at the Korkeakoski saw mill gave him some opportunities to sleep longer in the morning and he even made it to the beach after the morning shifts – the few days it didn’t rain in Finland last summer. The best part of the job at the Korkeakoski saw mill was being part of the team and the feeling of real responsibility.

Eetu Mastosalo is a third year student of machine- and production technology at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. He specializes in product development. Eetu has worked all summers since he was 15. His previous jobs include working at a camping area and a development workshop specializing in designing soles for footwear.

“The job at the saw mill was the first time I felt that intensely responsible for my work. Every employee’s input is crucial for the mill to function properly. I myself did not have a clear idea of what a saw mill looks like in this day and age. The first time I visited the mill I was surprised at how automated everything is. In training we watched a video about how the saw mill looked in the 60’s. To be honest, I thought that the mills still functioned more like that,” laughs Eetu.

Eetu also took part in a new humidity measurement system’s accuracy testing.

“I did tests on the humidity of the sawdust. It was a part of my product development studies and one of the most interesting parts of my job. There are seven rotating work stations at the mill - a major part of the job is monitoring. You see more action at one station and less at another.” says Eetu.

Applying for jobs starts with the jingle bells ringing

Eetu applied for a position at the saw mill through UPM’s job portal online. The summer job was also a traineeship and a part of his studies. Most of the summer jobs are announced in January and it can be useful to have your CV ready for the application period.

“I usually start preparing for the job hunt by updating my resume during the holidays in December. Last year I applied to a number of companies. I can also imagine moving a bit further for a summer job, as long as the living arrangements are ok.”

After finishing his school Eetu has plans of perhaps continuing his studies at the Tampere Unviersity of Technology. “I got to know UPM a little better when writing my traineeship report. I was surprised at how global the company is and at how large the company actually is. I am interested in this field and would also like to work in another country as well,” says Eetu.


Saara Töyssy