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Story | 12/02/2015 11:23:00

A united front for sustainable paper production and consumption in China

China is the world’s biggest consumer and producer of paper products and a significant market for UPM. The growing demand of raw-material has put a tax on the country’s ecosystem, causing de-forestation and shortage of timber. Now a united front of major companies is taking on the challenge of making China’s paper market sustainable. Ready for a brighter tomorrow?

The China Sustainable Paper Alliance (CSPA) was initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and China National Forestry Industry Federation. The alliance accepted its first members in September 2015, UPM being one of them. The companies in the alliance commit to sourcing raw material and producing paper and pulp sustainably and using only products which has been produced accordingly.

The production of writing and copy papers, tissue and paper-based packaging products represents over 40 percent of all industrial wood traded globally. As the leading company in producing fine and copy papers, UPM has the responsibility and obligation to actively promote sound development of international forest resources.

Collaborating to make a difference

Acting responsibly on the Chinese market is nothing new to UPM. Strict policies of responsible fibre sourcing are followed in every country of operation, including China. UPM Changshu mill in China has achieved both FSC® and PEFCTM chain-of-custody certificates. The wood for the pulp used in the mill comes 100% from sustainably managed forests.

“We are the first company to achieve the FSC® chain-of-custody certificate in China and have launched the first FSC® certified copy paper product in the market. We’ve also had a big role in raising awareness of the certificate and growing the demand for environmentally friendly paper products.” comments Ma Yuanyuan, director of Marketing, Communications and Environmental affairs at UPM Paper Asia.

The first group of companies in the alliance includes ten domestic and international companies in the entire chain of pulp and paper industry. Kimberly-Clark, Fuji Xerox, HP and IKEA amongst them. In addition to responsible sourcing and careful supply chain management the companies are committed to raising awareness of recyclable and sustainably produced paper products in the market and the consumers.

As a user of paper products, you can do your share: buy only products labelled with forest certifications and recycle the paper after use.


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