Story | 10/26/2015 13:17:00

WISA reaches to the sky in Shanghai

UPM’s WISA plywood products’ reputation in China is quite literally built on the foundation of the country's most iconic skyscrapers such as Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai International Financial Centre and the latest master piece, world's second tallest building, Shanghai Tower.

WISA-Form Birch plywood panels were used in all these prestigious buildings for casting the concrete. WISA-Form Birch was chosen by the contractors because of its strength and consistent performance, but also because of the high number of re-uses and long service life - both essential qualities for long-lasting, multimillion dollar construction projects led in critical weather conditions.

The Shanghai Tower, which used 43 sustainable technologies and state-of-the-art conservation practices, achieved LEED Gold certification and a China Green Building Three Star rating.

Biofore also in production

In addition to WISA’s outstanding product performance, also the environmental performance in production has improved in recent years. We use wood and other resources efficiently by developing our production processes as well as the competence of our employees.

For example in Chudovo Mill in Russia where the WISA-Form panels for the Shanghai Tower were made, waste water from the mill has decreased by 42% and energy efficiency has grown by 17% in 2004-2013. Today, a noticeable amount of energy can be recovered and used as heating energy in the production process.

We also know the origin of our wood and it comes only from legal and sustainable sources. All WISA products are available either PEFC™ or FSC® certified. And finally, at the end of its life cycle, WISA-Form panels can be utilized in bio-energy generation.