Story | 10/16/2015 08:29:00

UPM Fray Bentos mill going strong

Most of the harvest from UPM’s eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay is used to make pulp at the Fray Bentos mill.

“The Fray Bentos mill adheres to very strict targets with regard to environmental emissions, occupational safety and production quality. Compliance is evaluated constantly,” says MarcosBattegazzore, R&D Director at UPM Pulp.

“The mill’s performance has been excellent and our expectations have been exceeded in every respect. Currently, we are in the process of increasing annual pulp production capacity to 1.3 million tonnes, which is the main objective of UPM in Uruguay.”

“The public is openly informed about the mill’s environmental performance. After eight years of operation, the empirical data on our operations proves that the Fray Bentos mill is one of the best pulp mills in the world. Thanks to this transparency, Uruguayans now have a very positive attitude to the forest industry in general,” Battegazzore says.

The customers, too, are happy with the quality of production.

“What matters most to our customers is that we are able to produce pulp of uniform quality. This ensures more predictable, reliable processes, which allows our customers to optimize their production. We have made notable progress in this respect,” he concludes.


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