Story | 07/16/2015 07:23:00

Little Scientist Labs for pupils in China

UPM is engaged in a project in co-operation with Beijing Green and Shine Foundation to promote rural education in China. The Little Scientist Lab aims to foster science skills in primary school pupils in remote areas that have little access to resources and lessons on science and nature.

UPM has donated lab facilities which can be used to conduct basic experiments in physics, chemistry and biology.

Xinhua Central Primary School in Guanghan city, Sichuan province was chosen as the first school. The school has close ties with the neighbouring Finnish Sichuan Charity School. UPM became one of the active corporate sponsors of the Finnish Charity School after the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan.

UPM’s support for the “Little Scientist Lab” in the region has not only significantly improved the pupils’ capability to explore nature and science, but has also increased the ability to provide effective education in rural areas. Furthermore, the lab project provides a great platform for strengthening UPM’s local stakeholder engagement and reinforces UPM’s role as a responsible company operating in China.

Members of UPM Asia R&D Center have given lectures and organised hands-on experiments on papermaking technology and printing technology to about 300 pupils from grade three to six. In addition, UPM has launched the “UPM Future Little Scientist Award” to students for outstanding performance.

The Little Scientist Labs is the continuation of the co-operation between UPM and Beijing Green and Shine Foundation following the mini library project in Yunnan province. Since 2012, UPM has donated thousands of books on history, nature and literature to several rural primary schools.