Story | 07/21/2015 08:16:00

Contractor safety enhanced

Contractor safety is an integral part of the company’s safety performance. All contractors are required to have a basic understanding of UPM’s safety procedures and to conduct job/work-specific safety training.

As part of the safety initiative, UPM updated its safety requirements for contractors. In addition to the general requirements, more specific requirements have been introduced for contractors working at UPM’s premises and for drivers of heavy-goods vehicles.

UPM introduced a special web-based safety induction to complement the UPM general safety and site-specific inductions. The safety induction is a prerequisite before starting work at a UPM site or making deliveries with a heavy-goods vehicle. Nearly 40,000 contractors have completed the web-based UPM safety induction.

The target of the safety requirements and training sessions is to ensure that neither UPM employees nor contractors are subjected to any risks when working on UPM’s premises. UPM has also taken further risk assessment measures by conducting safety self-assessments with over 300 key contractors working in high-risk safety positions.

UPM also rewards contractors for their good safety performance, commitment and initiative with an annual safety award. The 2014 local contractor safety awards were given to 11 contractors in Finland, UK and China.