Story | 12/14/2011 06:50:00

Tools for the protection of biodiversity

We have gained a wealth of expertise in the management of forest environments, thanks to nature management projects in UPM's own forests and participation in national cooperation networks through METSO, the Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland. This expertise we offer to private forest owners too.

Our services include nature-focused forest management planning, as well as planning and implementation of individual nature management measures. As part of our service offering to private forest owners we also evaluate and prepare proposals of METSO habitats suitable for conservation or to the METSO programme's nature value trade.

Under agreements with regional Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, we prepare proposals of sites for inclusion in the programme. Therefore, individual forest owners who wish to propose a nature property they own as a conservation site for the METSO programme can directly contact our forest specialists. The specialists evaluate the site for suitability, and, if it fulfils the selection criteria, draw up an offer based on the value of trees growing in the area.

The METSO programme includes both conservation measures and nature management projects and grants forest owners funding to carry out individual nature management measures. UPM's specialists offer help for project planning and proposals.

Cooperation networks set up by various organisations and companies of the forestry sector are projects that aim to promote and develop nature management in commercial forests. Several networks are currently active. UPM is involved in four projects focusing on controlled burning of habitats, the Siberian Jay, ecological connections at a regional level and the northern crested newt (Triturus cristatus) in the changing climate.

For us, METSO and its cooperation networks are an excellent way to implement our international biodiversity programmes in Finland and recommend it to private forest owners. As the majority of Finland’s forests are commercial forests nautre management is crucial for the conservation of biodiversity in the forests. We want to contribute to the development of modern forestry, where the protection of nature values in commercial forests is considered an essential element of sustainable and profitable wood production.