Leading responsibly

Achieving our ambitious targets requires the committed input of skilled people and teams, empowered by inspiring leaders.


Challenging work deserves great leadership

We invest in developing and measuring our leadership capabilities. The leadership triangle shows the three key cornerstones of our leadership: leading business, leading people and leading oneself. At the heart of this triangle are our values: Renew with courage; Trust and be trusted; and Achieving together. We want to demonstrate these values in our everyday leadership. This means leading through value-based behaviours and encouraging others to do the same.

The work we do is challenging and meaningful. It is essential that we have the right people leading the way and empowering others to succeed. UPM has a development programme portfolio for our leaders. Challenging work deserves great leadership, and every UPMer benefits from the investments we make in improving our leaders.



Measuring how we are doing

We keep track of how we are doing, and we use several metrics and indicators to do this, including the annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES), follow-up of safety and absence indicators, and occupational health checks complying with national legal requirements. We want to make sure that the way we work and lead is constantly in line with our ambitious targets.

We also set individual strategy-related targets and draw up development plans for all our employees globally. We hold regular one-on-one discussions to offer both managers and employees an opportunity to give and receive feedback on performance and individual development.