Developing together

We aim higher together by providing our employees an inspiring and supportive working environment where everyone can attain their goals and contribute to our Biofore strategy.


We want every UPMer to feel motivated as part of our global team, and we take personal development, employee engagement and recognition for achievement seriously.

We encourage our employees to pursue professional growth. A culture of empowerment, target orientation and performance is important to us. To make sure everyone can achieve their best, we define clear targets and expectations, give regular feedback and offer opportunities to learn. We are proud of the work we do and want support our entire team to ensure their success.

Experience in different tasks, projects, roles, and locations is great for creating a wider perspective, promoting individual development and supporting organizational learning. As an integral part of our learning philosophy, we provide our teams with plenty of opportunities for internal transfers, job rotation, and participation in challenging projects and assignments. We value employee engagement and encourage everyone to actively participate in planning their professional goals and development. Every employee draws up a development plan together with their supervisor.


Recognizing good performance

A job well done deserves recognition, and UPM is proud to offer rewards based on good performance. We have a total compensation approach consisting of a base salary plus benefits and incentives based on UPM’s global rules, local legislation and market practice.

Our total compensation approach is built on our belief that recognition is worth much more than money. Because rewards and recognition may mean different things for different people, we want to include both tangible and intangible reward elements. This way we ensure a competitive and motivational recognition package for all UPMers.