Our values

Our values — Trust and be trusted, Achieve together and Renew with courage — are important to us. They make up the compass that guides us on our way towards a future beyond fossils.


Trust and be trusted

We say what we do and do what we say. We work sustainably with renewable materials. Ethical conduct is important to us wherever we operate. We want to engage locally as a responsible member of every community in which we have a presence.

UPM complies with all international, national and local laws and regulations. We respect international agreements on human and labour rights and freedom of association. We abide by legally binding collective agreements. We respect the privacy of employees and promote equal opportunities and objectivity in employment and career development.

UPM’s Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for our everyday actions and for every decision we make, be it big or small. Our Code of Conduct is accompanied by more detailed policies, rules and guidelines, and training on these documents is provided regularly.


Achieve together

Our employees know their work is meaningful and feel part of a professional community. We nurture this sense of community through our communication and actions, and by giving recognition where it is due. By achieving together, we can also share and enjoy the fruits of our work. We want to be the pioneer in our industry — now and in the future.

UPM promotes active participation and continuous dialogue in various ways, for instance by holding regular personnel briefings, team meetings, team days, workshops, surveys and safety walks. We place a strong focus on sharing best practices.


Renew with courage

At UPM, our goal is to create new solutions using renewable and recyclable raw materials. In an inspiring working environment, all our employees can contribute positively to our company’s future and their own career by sharing fresh, new ideas.

A career with UPM is much more than just a job in the forest industry. It is an opportunity to further develop your skills and expertise. It gives you the chance to take part in building the future success of an industry leader.