Article | Mar 24, 2016

Paper consulting meets customers' cost-efficiency needs

As the market leader in paper manufacturing, UPM is able to provide publishers with a service that is based on their actual needs. In today's operating environment, resource efficiency and cost savings are ever more important. However, striving for efficiency must not weaken the functional properties of products or impair the brand value of printed publications.


In 2015, UPM piloted a new paper consulting model to meet the cost efficiency needs of customers. In the model, UPM experts work together with publishers and review the entire range of printed products to find a suitable UPM paper grade for each magazine, advert, brochure or other printed publication. The aim is to optimise the number of different paper grades and grammages used by publishers: decreasing the number of paper grades ensures publishers achieve significant cost savings without compromising the quality or the brand of their printed products.

As UPM boasts the widest range of graphic papers on the market, the review phase can be carried out in an objective manner. It will not be necessary to recommend a specific paper grade just because it is the only option available, but the most suitable alternative can be selected from the wide range of papers. In general, the experts will select a paper grade that is equivalent to or better than the paper grade that has previously been in use. If the customer wishes to explore alternatives that are considerably less expensive, this is also possible.

Open dialogue builds foundation for growing partnerships

The consulting service is based on trust and good co-operation between UPM and the customer. Finding the right solutions requires in-depth knowledge of the goals and readers of each magazine. The consultation process does not bind customers in any way, but the resulting dialogue provides a good basis for future partnerships. UPM's sales and technical sales staff work closely together to provide customers with the best possible service.

One of the paper consulting pilot customers in 2015 was a magazine publisher currently using 20 paper grades to print 26 different magazines. UPM experts familiarised themselves with the magazine selection and the relevant background information, and the magazines were divided into six groups based on their topic and brand. A suitable paper grade was then chosen for each group, reducing the number of paper grades from 20 to six. As a result of the project, the publisher could achieve significant savings and UPM would be able to optimise its production and make better use of its paper machines than before. Everybody wins: the publisher, the printing house, UPM, and the readers.


Saara Töyssy