Article | Sep 22, 2015

We plant 50 million trees every year for a good reason: To grow a better world

UPM Biofore

Forests are one of the Earth's most valuable resources: They provide a source of shelter, food and energy for all of us. What’s more they play a key role in biological diversity and climate. A single tree growing in the forest can sequestrate as much as 1000 kgs of atmospheric carbon throughout its lifetime – and produce 6000 kgs of pure oxygen. The forest also improves the quality of soil and purifies ground waters, and creates the preconditions for berry and mushroom production.

Nobody has a more respectful relationship to forest than UPM. Our Biofore strategy means promoting biodiversity everywhere we operate and taking a leading role in sustainable commercial forestry.

It means, for example, that every year UPM plants more than 50 million tree seedlings. Moreover, we organise a global Plant a Tree Day` each year where we plant trees with school children, young adults and other stakeholders in many countries globally. During the tree planting season, ‘Plant a Tree’ days will be organised in China, USA, UK, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Uruguay, Russia, and Spain.

Planting a tree is quite simply a great investment. It’s good and responsible business and most importantly – it’s good for the Earth we all live in.