UPM challenges startups to view forest from a new perspective at Slush

Press Release 11.11.2015 10:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, 11 November 2015 at 10:00 EET) UPM's Biofore strategy is based on the versatile use of renewable wood biomass. Bioeconomy and circular economy topics are highlighted at this year's Slush event, where UPM is a key partner. Slush is the world's leading event where startup and technology companies meet and new opportunities are created.

"We at UPM actively develop solutions based on the bio and circular economy model, where materials and value circulate, and added value is generated by services and smart operations. Moreover, we are finding new ways to replace fossil-based materials with renewables. Now, we are looking for partners to develop solutions in circular economy and customer-friendly digital solutions and aid in the utilization of non-core patents and industrial internet. We believe that startup companies have plenty of opportunities to grow with us in these areas", says Jyrki Ovaska, Executive Vice President of Technology at UPM.

"It is also important for larger companies like us to be involved in Slush to see and hear for ourselves what is going on with startups", Ovaska continues. 

At Slush, UPM will present on the biomaterials track and host a roundtable discussion on Wednesday. On Thursday, UPM will pitch on Slush corporate pitching and take part in the Slush evening for circular and clean solutions hosted by Sitra.

UPM will present three tangible challenges at the event.

-Circular economy challenge. Making good use of forest industry side streams is one of the most promising opportunities to develop new business based on circular economy. Our aim is to reduce waste and find new solutions within all our businesses. We challenge startups to develop new ideas and opportunities for using sludge, ash and, in particular, waste heat derived from the pulp and paper process.

-"Use the forest" challenge - UPM Wood Sourcing and Forestry will present a tangible challenge to application developers: We are looking for start-ups to build innovative mobile solutions for the new generation of forest owners. The aim is to step out of the traditional way of thinking and communicating with regards to forest management.

-"Spot the species" challenge - UPM is also looking for mobile game developers together with Guides and Scouts of Finland. We want to create a mobile game that motivates the younger generation to learn about forests and the opportunities they offer from a completely new perspective.

Contact person for the side stream challenge: Esa Laurinsilta, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Technology, Tel. +358 (0)40 821 0350

Contact person for the UPM Wood Sourcing and Forestry challenges ("Use the Forest!" & "Spot the Species!") Paula Savonen, Manager, Marketing & Customer Support, Wood Sourcing & Forestry, UPM, tel. +358 (0)400 343 851

Do you have a proposal for co-operation with UPM? Contact us, visit www.upm.com/collaboration or come meet us at Slush!

For further information, please contact:
Esa Laurinsilta, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Technology, Tel. +358 (0)40 821 0350

UPM, Media Relations
9.00-16.00 EET
tel. +358 40 588 3284

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