UPM-Kymmene's wood raw material and plywood producer receive the right to use the world's first PEFC logo

The Finnish Forest Certification Council has granted UPM-Kymmene Forest and UPM-Kymmene's plywood producer Schauman Wood, the right to use the PEFC logo (Pan European Forest Certification). The logo will be used by the Forest Division for deliveries of wood raw material originating from certified forests. The plywood producer Schauman Wood, is the Group's first division to have been granted the right to use the PEFC logo. The other divisions and mills of the UPM-Kymmene Group will consider applying the logo to their production.

UPM-Kymmene Forest delivers wood to 33 of the Groups own mills in Finland. The quantity of certified wood delivered to the mills has been monitored since last May when Det Norske Veritas approved UPM-Kymmene Forest's chain of custody. Monitoring of the chain of custody is based on the management of stock records and being able to trace wood from the forest to mill gate. Forest certification and the chain of custody have been incorporated into the Forest Division's ISO certified Quality and Environmental Management systems. The certified share of wood delivered to the Groups mills by UPM-Kymmene Forest is currently 33%. The certified share delivered to Schauman Wood mills is 42%.

Schauman Wood's plywood products can use the PEFC logo

The plywood producer Schauman Wood is the Group's first division to have been granted the right to use the PEFC logo. Labelled products can be delivered to customers in the near future.

The PEFC logo provides in addition to the forest certificate, verification of the raw material chain of custody. The chain of custody traces wood raw material as it is transported from the forest through the conversion process to the final product. Schauman Wood mills will use the input/output method to determine the certified wood quantity. This method is based on knowing the average percentage of PEFC certified wood raw material entering the conversion process, and applying the same percentage to the final product. The chain of custody has been incorporated into the ISO certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems of Schauman Wood. UPM-Kymmene Forest delivers all of Schauman Wood's raw material requirements.

The Finnish Forest Certification Scheme (FFCS) was introduced last year and received the endorsement of the Pan-European Forest Certification scheme (PEFC) last spring. More than two-thirds of Finland's forests are now certified, representing about 15 million hectares. The ISO certified area of forest land in Finland is expected to increase to around 90% by the end of the year.

UPM-Kymmene supports the mutual recognition of different international forest certification schemes.

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