Status of the leakage of alkaline cooking liquor at UPM's pulp mill in Kuusankoski - No restrictions for using the water of river Kymi

(UPM, Kuusankoski, July 29, 2006) – The works to repair the pipeline damaged at UPM's Kymi pulp mill taken place in the evening on July 28, 2006 has started. It is assumed that the break in the pipeline was caused by a precipitate inside the pipeline. The damaged part will be replaced still today.

According to the analysis made by the local water protection association of the river Kymi, Kymijoen vesi ja ympäristö r.y., the leakage at Kymi has risen the pH value of the water in river Kymi only slightly. In the samples taken during the day the highest pH value 7.6 was measured at the hydro power station Keltti which is located a few kilometres downwards from Kymi. The natural pH level of the water according to the regular samples taken during the month July is 7.1 – 7.3 thus the increase is minimal. Based on the results the local authorities have cancelled the recommendation to restrict swimming in the river or to use its water for watering purposes.

Subject to successful start up tests of the pulp line the production will be started up on Sunday July 30, 2006.

For further information please contact:
Mr Ilpo Tolonen, Manager in Service, Rescue Department of Kymenlaakso, telephone +358 44 702 6213
Mr Harri Majander, Chief Engeneer, Environment Center of South East Finland, telephone +358 40 554 3712
Mr Jaakko Sutela, Safety Director, Kymi, telephone +358 400 754 366
Mr Teuvo Solismaa, Mill Director, Kymi pulp mill, telephone +358 40 7411380