A biography published on the life of Juuso Walden, a legendary figure in UPM's history

(UPM, Valkeakoski, April 4, 2007 at 14.00) – A short biography is published on the life of Juuso Walden, the long-time managing director and majority shareholder of United Paper Mills Ltd, the forerunner to UPM. This year marks the centenary of Walden’s birth.

The Finnish language text has been written by Ari Sirén, Manager, Records Management.

Mr. Walden was a legendary figure in the company and in post-WWII Finnish economic history. Under Juuso's leadership, United Paper Mills Ltd expanded businesses heavily both in Finland and overseas.

The mill community remembers Juuso as a thoughtful and warm captain of industry, who left an indelible mark on the surrounding area. He had a captain-like touch in business as well as in creating the social life around mill surroundings.

Walden had also a legendary reputation as a strong opinion leader in forest industry, politics and sports.

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