The focus on human rights throughout the entire supply chain

We respect human rights and do our best to, for example, ensure fair working conditions throughout the entire supply chain. The safety of our suppliers is as important for us as the safety of our own employees.


​Human rights highlighted in sourcing

In recent years we have focused more intensively on social responsibility issues in our supply chain. We do not tolerate corruption or bribery in any form. We respect human rights as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

We monitor and assess our anti-corruption and anti-bribery activities, and an Ethics Advisory Committee has been established to perform these tasks. The committee oversees UPM’s compliance with company rules and regularly reports to the Audit Committee.

Enhanced human rights-related risk assessment

Based on a human rights-related assessment conducted in 2013, we evaluated our sourcing processes and took the necessary steps in order to address human rights-related issues in our sourcing activities.

The risk assessment related to the supplier base was enhanced. Consequently, the number of risk assessment-based supplier audits has been doubled with a much wider geographical coverage than earlier. Some of the audits covered the entire up-stream supply chain.

We have also conducted audits together with qualified external auditors in China and India in order to benchmark the employment practices of UPM’s suppliers, based on the recommendations of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), for example.

Suppliers are entitled to a safe working environment

The safety of suppliers is as important for us as the safety of our own employees. That is why the safety of our suppliers is always ensured on site. Equal safety requirements are also applied to contractors working on UPM’s premises. They receive comprehensive, web-based safety induction before entering the site to perform the work.

We want to make sure that the working conditions are also safe in our suppliers’ own premises. Occupational safety is a central part of almost every supplier audit we make, especially in high risk countries.


Safety requirements

To UPM, the health and safety of employees, visitors and all other people affected by our operations are of paramount importance

Code of Conduct

UPM’s Code of Conduct forms the framework for all company operations and sets out standards of behaviour for all UPM employees.

Report misconduct

You may report your complaints or concerns relating to violations against the UPM Code of Conduct to the head of internal audit at UPM.

Code of Conduct addresses human rights

For each and every UPM employee, the UPM Code of Conduct sets the standards of responsible behaviour towards all our stakeholders. And for us, our suppliers are one of the most important stakeholders. The Code of Conduct addresses human rights, labour rights, good business conduct, occupational safety and environmental practices. It is complemented by more detailed policies, rules and guidelines, and training concerning these documents is provided regularly. 

Should stakeholders, including our own employees, have concerns or suspect misconduct, they are encouraged to contact UPM’s Stakeholder Relations function or use the UPM Report Misconduct channel accessible via our company website. A claim can be made confidentially and anonymously. The company has agreed internal procedures on how to address possible misconduct.