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A healthy home comes at a premium

The world’s ever-growing population needs new homes. Meanwhile the climate is getting warmer, and it is important that these homes place minimal further strain on the environment.

For a long time, the construction industry has tended towards heavy-duty materials such as concrete and steel. Both materials have significant advantages: they are strong, sturdy and built to last. On the other hand, they are also heavy, tricky to transport, and made from fossil-based, non-renewable raw materials. There is increasing demand for a more sustainable solution – a material with a lighter carbon footprint.



A building material that stores carbon

Timber is the only building material to have a positive effect on the environment. The trees that UPM use for timber take 60 to 80 years to reach maturity. During all that time, they store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This continues far beyond timber processing – a wooden house binds up to 50 tonnes of CO2 during its lifetime.

Yet timber’s potential goes far beyond domestic homes – an office building with 16,000 m² of timber framing stores over 3,600 metric tonnes of CO2. That is the equivalent of taking nearly 1000 petrol cars off the road. Studies have even shown that building a high-rise building from wood may reduce the structure’s carbon footprint by up to 75%.



Safety & Sustainability with UPM Timber

Timber by UPM is non-toxic, long-lasting and sourced from PEFC ™ or FSC® certified forests in Finland. Nothing is left to waste in the timber production process: chips and sawdust are used as raw materials for pulp while other by-products are burned to create energy. UPM’s sustainable forest management practices have helped forest growth double in Finland in the past 50 years while the company plants 100 new trees globally each minute.

Benefits reach those inside timber buildings too. As a ‘living’ material, wood buffers against major fluctuations in humidity, to the point where mechanical ventilation can be redundant. Choosing timber as a building material means creating a safe and healthy environment for families to thrive – inside and out.


UPM Timber

  • Highly trusted producer of the only carbonpositive building material
  • 100% pure and natural product
  • Grown in sustainably managed Finnish forests
  • PEFC or FSC certified high-quality wood
  • Proven health benefits from living in wooden homes

UPM Timber

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