​Responsible water use

With our responsible water use approach we want to highlight the importance of water resources and good water management all over the world. We focus on projects that improve the status of water resources and raise awareness of good water management to ensure availability of high-quality water.


Restoration of rivers in Poland

UPM Raflatac cooperates with WWF Poland in the 'Rivers for Life' project. The project embraces efforts directed towards the conservation and restoration of natural river ecosystems in Poland. Our co-operation started in 2012.


Tackling water shortage in western China

UPM Raflatac China cooperates with the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) to address the shortage of safe drinking water in western China. The CWDF’s charity project Water Cellar for Mothers builds high-quality wells, pools, and cellars made of concrete, as well as small concentrated water supply system. The projects are funded with donations.


Reforesting the Jaguari River Basin in Brazil

After 200 years of extensive farming, the river basin ecosystem in Jaguariúna, São Paulo, was in danger. To restore the forest and revive the river, UPM Raflatac Brazil is partnering in a two-year reforestation project together with the municipality and six different organisations.


Baltic Sea Action Group

The group embraces a commitment to revive the ecological state of the entire Baltic Sea. By the year 2030 we will use only recycled nutrients at our biological wastewater treatment plants. We aim to find recycled nutrients from local sources, thus reducing local eutrophication and ideally also promoting circular economy.