How can we work toward company level responsibility targets on a local level?

Every employee has a role to play in promoting and advancing the company’s responsibility agenda. Creating a clear link between the daily actions of a single employee and corporate-wide targets makes working toward these goals much more relevant to employees. Having a way to share achievements with external stakeholders – such as customers, authorities, communities, media and visitors – provides extra motivation and determination to strive for the best possible results.



Company-wide sustainability programme on a local level

Biofore Site™ is a UPM-wide sustainability programme piloted by UPM Raflatac. It provides a framework for creating a strong sustainability culture, increasing transparency, and demonstrating UPM’s commitment to its 2030 responsibility targets. The programme brings UPM’s sustainability work to a local level, empowers employees, and helps maintain a dialogue with stakeholders. The framework and site-specific scorecards have been built based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UPM has identified the SDGs where we as a company can improve our actions and contribute positively.

Each year, site management aims to improve the Biofore Scorecard results by focusing on each site’s unique needs and taking actions to improve. In practice, all UPM Raflatac employees have opportunities to make more sustainable choices in their daily work. The Biofore Scorecard ensures results and progress are measured consistently in all facilities.



Biofore Site engages individual employees and drives sustainability actions on a local level

The Biofore Site concept is designed to engage employees and drive sustainability actions on a local level.
UPM sites have long maintained ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. Biofore Site work expands the company’s responsibility commitments beyond continual improvement in environmental performance to continual improvement in the economic and social responsibility aspects of our operations. With our factory scorecards, we can credibly demonstrate to our many stakeholders our progress to date and our aspirations for 2030.


Benefits of Biofore Site

  • Builds the sustainability culture and makes sustainability relevant for all employees in their daily work
  • Helps communication with local stakeholders
  • Site-specific sustainability opportunities aligned with UPM-level target
  • Scorecard provides a practical measurement and development tool