Enhancing biodiversity – Responsible forest management

UPM Biodiversity



Biodiversity is the key to a sustainable future

Biodiversity comprises the millions of different species and the multitude of different ecosystems on Earth. Preserving biodiversity is crucial to the health and vitality of wildlife populations – and mankind. Moreover, it helps our planet to adapt to climate change.

Biodiversity is the foundation of the whole bioeconomy and the key to a future beyond fossils.



Supporting biodiversity through responsible forest management

Safeguarding biodiversity is much more than just strict forest protection. It is of paramount importance to ensure that commercial forest management practices have no depletive impacts. It requires both integrating biodiversity protection into planning and harvesting operations and engaging in open collaboration with local communities to streamline biodiversity enhancement.



Committed to continuously improve biodiversity

Improving the state of biodiversity is one of our environmental responsibility targets for 2030. We launched our own biodiversity programme for over two decades back.

As a leader in the forest-based bioindustry we actively develop new forest regeneration methods and new ways to measure biodiversity which are specifically tailored for the forest sector. Moreover, we are committed to achieving a positive impact on biodiversity, and have launched a programme dedicated to this in our own forests in Finland.

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity is a collaborative effort. The implementation of our biodiversity target and related actions are monitored by an independent group of researchers in the field.


UPM’s commitment to biodiversity is a determined step towards a future beyond fossils

  • Biodiversity programme in place for over 20 years
  • Target to improve biodiversity integrated to company’s environmental responsibility targets for 2030
  • Biodiversity protection integrated into planning and harvesting
  • 39,000 protected habitats in UPM forests

UPM’s biodiversity targets on UPM-owned land in Finland

  • Protecting valuable habitats
  • Increasing deadwood volumes
  • Diversifying tree species composition
  • Diversifying forest structure
  • Developing new forestry methods and habitat restoration
  • Streamlining biodiversity enhancement