Supporting the functioning of natural water cycles

Our business activities have the potential to both enhance and sometimes impact local water cycles. We continually seek to manage and minimise any negative impacts we have through our wider business activities, while also working to enhance the positive role that forests play in regulating and purifying water as it flows through them. 

Enhancing local water cycles through sustainable forestry

Forests play a key role in water cycles. The flow of both surface and ground water is regulated by forests and they play a key role in helping to prevent soil erosion into watercourses, reduce storm water runoff, and recharge aquifers. Forests also act as a natural filter removing pollutants as water moves through them.

We apply rigorous sustainable forestry practices including measures that help to hold and circulate water, while ensuring a high quality of surface and groundwater.

Minimising the impacts of hydropower facilities

UPM Energy is the second-largest electricity producer in Finland, and we’ve been a hydropower producer for more than a hundred years.

While hydropower  represents a cost-effective, renewable and carbon neutral method of electricity generation, it can also have adverse impacts on the watercourses and their habitats. In order to minimise these impacts, we co-operate closely with authorities.