Migrating Fish Program

We want to help fish migrate more freely. We remove migration obstacles and experiment new innovations
aiming at revitalising fish stocks across Finland.


The waters do not flow in rivers as before. Due to hydropower, rivers have been sprouted and dammed, which has affected the flows and, at the same time, has changed the home environment of migrating fish.

We believe that in revitalising migrating fish stocks the key is to restore fish stocks where there are the best conditions to their natural succes. Means should be designed to best suit each water course and the effectiveness of the actions should be carefully evaluated. There is also plenty of room for new ideas in addition to fishing transplanting and fish ladders.

With our Migrating Fish Program, we want to help fish migrate more freely: we remove obstacles to fish migration and try out new innovations to revitalise fish stocks across Finland.


Migrating Fish Program projects

Project Type Description Schedule Partners Status
Sapsokoski Obstacle removal Dismanteling of and old mill and mill damn 2019- Lappi ELY Preparation for dismanteling, restoration planning
Sateenvarjo III Reserach program Migrating fish development on built water cources 2019- LUKE, other hydro companies On-going
Saimaa land-locked salmon Fish stock revitalisation Breeding and nursery area to Pielisjoki 2018-2019 Pohjois-Karjalan liitto, MMM, Kuurnan Voima and others Construction completed
Multia-Viitasaari Obstacle removal Forest road culvert overhaul 2018 Keski-Suomi ELY, Metsäkeskus Completed
Kalasydän Innovation Piloting of new fish transport technology 2018 Kalasydän Oy, other hydro companies Completed
Sateenvarjo II Research program Migrating fish development on built water cources 2016-2017 LUKE, other hydro companies Completed
Harjavalta Fish stock revitalisation Construction of fish hatchery 2013-2017 Varsinais-Suomi ELY Completed