Resource efficiency


Biofore is more with less

We consume as little water and energy as possible in our production. Waste is also minimized. This enhance the economic and environmental value of our products.

Resource efficiency means:

  • Using natural resources as efficiently and productively as possible – creating more with less
  • Transitioning from non-renewable to renewable resources

  • Incorporating environmental goals early in the product design phase
  • Reducing the environmental footprints of our products
  • Increasing the recyclability of products and raw materials

UPM's  material balance sums up the total material, energy and emission flows to and from UPM units worldwide. 

For mill-specific data, please refer to the EMAS statements published by all UPM pulp and paper mills:

Lighter papers, thinner labels

Innovation is the heart of our business. With ecodesign at the core of our products, we strive to enhance resource-efficiency and invent ways of replacing non-renewable materials with renewable, recyclable low-impact alternatives.

UPM’s paper product portfolio includes lighter grades developed especially to help customers reduce their environmental impact and distribution costs.

UPM Raflatac has developed a new range of thin liners and faces to deliver more added value and efficiency in the labelling chain. The new thinner liners and faces not only help customers cut costs, but also help them to conserve materials, storage space and the environment.