​Shotton MRF (materials recovery facility)

UPM Shotton paper mill in the UK is a great example of how an integrated process can maximise the reuse of by-products.We have our own, state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility at UPM Shotton that processes collected household materials for recycling. This source represents more than 60% of the UK collection market.


The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) produces high quality raw materials both for UPM Shotton paper mill and for other customers. The facility optimises the balance between mechanical, optical and manual sorting processes to ensure the highest possible quality.

The MRF produces a range of outputs:

  • News & Magazines, mixed paper and cardboard
  • Steel and aluminium cans
  • HDPE Bottles – both natural and coloured
  • PET Bottles – both natural and coloured
  • Glass

Today the MRF has a capacity to process nearly 200,000 tonnes of input material per annum. It employs almost 130 people who maintain a 24/7 production operation. It’s our ultimate goal to develop and invest in the facility, as the balance of materials in household streams change, so that the configuration and efficiency of the MRF continually develops to meet those new challenges.   

Today more than 90% of all outputs from the MRF remain in the UK with the balance going no further than Europe. In fact, 80% of the outputs from the MRF travel less than 50 miles to their final destination.

Quality is always the first principal adopted by the UPM MRF. The paper machine situated alongside the facility makes the UPM MRF unique. UPM Shotton, who is the main customer takes a direct feed of news and magazines straight into its own production line.  Our guiding principle is that if our paper mill needs high quality raw material to make paper, and all users of other MRF outputs require high quality for their own processes.  In times that have brought chaos and confusion to the market with uncertainties over the Far East, we have guaranteed our and our customers’ supply base.