Enjoying forests

Wandering through forests has been proven to be good for our wellbeing. Even a short stay in a forest can reduce stress and make us feel more calm and relaxed. ​For Finns, public right of access and free entry to forests are a given. Our forests are open and available for public use 24/7 and UPM-owned forests include a variety of versatile recreation areas for responsible forest users to explore.


Picking berries and mushrooms is a common hobby in Finland. Skiing tracks and forest trails attract people in forests in winter and during the summer. You may encounter scouts, orienteers and other hikers in the forest, or even geocachers, boulderers, trail runners or cloud or bird watchers. The only limit for responsible recreational use of forests is your own imagination.

UPM forests also have numerous hiking destinations and marked trails in beautiful landscapes, such as the Aarnikotka Forest Nature Reserve located next to the Repovesi National Park, the forest paths near the UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla board mill, the Suurisuo peatland in Janakkala, or the marked trail in Halla-Sippola in Kouvola. We also lease out hunting licences to local hunters' associations and help various organisations and associations to arrange events in the forests upon agreement.

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