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Blog | 02/01/2019 07:30:56

Digitalisation facilitating forest property management

Risto Laaksonen

UPM has always taken complete care of its own and its customers’ forests, from seed to regeneration felling. We are familiar with different stages of forest management and we have excellent services available for each of them. Our forest management methods have evolved over the years and they are now cutting-edge in their field. Data management has evolved the most in recent years. Paper documents and records will soon be history, as we move on to electronic systems.

We want to make forest property management a bit easier. For years now, we have made it possible to access forest management plans electronically. UPM was a forerunner back in 2003, opening MetsäSoppi, an electronic forest planning service, for its clients. Since last spring, our clients have been able to create electronic wood trades from the comfort of their own homes.

We are constantly developing our e-services together with the forest owners. However, traditional customer service will remain our main channel of communication. Forestry affairs should be managed and agreed on together with a Forest Customer Responsible, but we recommend the use of e-services for documentation. Requests for tenders, offers and wood trades are easier to manage and accept electronically. This way, the documents are kept in an orderly manner and all the agreed details are registered. They are also easily available on the service for later viewing. Automatic notifications are sent for each electronic action, and the documentation is archived.

We are also updating our UPM Metsä mobile app. In the future, users will also be able to view compartment-specific information about selected forest estates. This will improve the forest structure overview. In addition, we have clarified documentation layout. Based on the feedback from forest owners, we have renewed the layouts of the Standing Sale Offer and Felling Agreement documentation. The development is ongoing, and in the future, we will also update the layout of other documentation.

Society has supported the forest industry’s digitalisation. Metsään.fi and Kuutio.fi are great examples of digitalization initiatives that are successfully sponsored by the Finland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Common standardised forest inventory data makes life easier for all the operators within the forestry segment. Data collected from multiple sources has been made available to forest owners. This is excellent progress and unique in the world.


Risto Laaksonen

Risto Laaksonen

| Customer Experience Director, UPM Forest