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Story | 12/05/2018 07:57:00

Getting the most out of summer and a job at UPM Raflatac

Tinja Mareen was happy to see that her responsibilities as a summer trainee at UPM Raflatac provided a concrete introduction to working life.

Working at UPM Raflatac in Tampere for the summer was something Tinja was looking forward to. She had just finished her first year of studies in Industrial Engineering at the Turku University of Applied Sciences and would soon be part of the Raflatac Purchasing and Production Planning department as a raw materials buyer. It didn’t hurt that her boyfriend lived in Tampere either.

“I filled in for two very knowledgeable employees who were going on summer holidays. I was determined to get every ounce of information I could about what they did, since I was going to take over their tasks once they were off. It required a decisive spirit and courage to ask questions.”

Tinja was constantly encouraged by the support she received from her supervisors and colleagues as she dealt with the responsibilities she was given. “I felt that I was part of a team, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the projects. It helped a lot that I was thoroughly introduced to the different aspects of the job.”

From raw materials to finished products

As a Purchasing and Production Planning trainee, Tinja worked alongside a Production Engineer and with different suppliers. Her day would include tasks as varied as running a program for the machines that made the laminated labels or ordering bulk raw materials.

“I was able to follow the whole process from planning to production. I was amazed at how much I was able to learn in just one summer at UPM Raflatac.”

Tinja was aware of UPM’s reputation as a responsible and trustworthy innovator when she applied for the trainee position. Her experience during the summer solidly matched her expectations.

“For me, sustainability is important. It felt good to know that I was working with a company that shared my values. I saw firsthand UPM’s commitment to responsible sourcing in all aspects of the supply chain.”

As Tinja returns to university, her summer at UPM Raflatac has provided a deeper insight into the theories discussed at class. While sad about having to say goodbye to her colleagues, she remains optimistic that their paths will cross again.

“There are excellent job opportunities in this field. You never know who you are going to run into. I’m sure I might see some familiar faces in the future.”

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