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Story | 08/17/2018 12:11:40

Eight expert jobs are waiting for financial professionals

The UPM Biorefining Financial Control team which, is a part of the UPM Finance Operations organisation, is looking for eight financial experts for a variety of regular and fixed-term positions for at least a year and a half.

Johanna Ljungqvist, the Finance Director of the UPM Biorefining business area’s Financial Control team says that the reason why the team is searching for so many professionals at the same time is an internal reform project that employs ten professionals from her team.

“With this recruitment campaign we are strengthening our team while many of our team members are using their expertise knowledge to support the ERP system reform. This is definitely a great opportunity for the whole team”.

Chance to develop in modern environment

There are about 30 experts working in the UPM Biorefining Financial Control team, including Forest & Timber Manager Tytti Österlund and Reporting Structures Expert Tomi Taskinen, who have both been with UPM for nearly ten years.

According to Österlund and Taskinen, the new colleagues would have a modern and dynamic global organisation waiting for them with experts from a variety backgrounds.

“This is an organisation that is constantly developing, and today it is much more than just a traditional financial service centre. All our routine level tasks have been outsourced, and thanks to this we can focus on the expert level tasks, meet the challenges of the operational environment, and support the business area in our everyday work”.

Österlund says that in addition to the challenging work, there are good opportunities to develop your knowledge. “All our team members can participate in as many projects as they like. Individual learning and developing are supported by the entire organisation”.

Modern and flexible ways of working are also a part of the team’s everyday work. Taskinen says that the most important thing is that the work gets done. “Team members can have an influence on best practices and ways of the working. This is something that brings flexibility to balancing work and free time”.

Modern workspaces at easy reach

There are almost 200 financial experts working in UPM’s Financial Operations Organisation in Tulli Business Park in Tampere, Finland.

“Our modern workspaces are located near the city centre. The Tampere railway station is only a few steps away. Our head office is in Helsinki, so it’s easy to commute between the two cities”, Ljungqvist says.

Apply, and be a part of a global financial expert team:

Expert, Accounting & Reporting

Tax Manager

Manager, Pulp Financial Control

Financial Controller

Junior Financial Controller

Pictured: Forest & Timber Manager Tytti Österlund, Reporting Structures Expert Tomi Taskinen and Finance Director Johanna Ljungqvist from UPM Biorefining Financial Control team is waiting to hear from future colleagues.


Satu Peltola